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Our services in Morocco


For our  travels in Morocco we selected 2, 3 or 4 stars hotels, all of them characterized by a good level of comfort  with a touch of Moroccan creativity. Their achitecture and furnitures have a local magic atmosphere and make you feel like living in a tale

Our trips

We propose trips with rent-a-car with or without driver.   Driving in Morocco is easy, roads are generally well mantained and only in some mountain or desert regions can be found worse surface,  with some road holes.
We’ll provide you with a “road-book” with road indications (similar to those used in motor - rallies) and tips of the various places you’ll pass through.
All cars are equipped by GPS.
For your safety, all cars have on board a satellite detector that can localize you in any moment.
If you feel adventurous you could hire a 4 wheel-drive car with or without  driver , and enrich your trip  with excursions in the desert .
If you don’t feel like driving, you can choose to rent a car with personal driver. In this case you just have to relax and enjoy the wonderful landscapes.
And what about the sea? Morocco has a long stretched coast along the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find fascinating places for surfing,  kite-surfing and much more. Or just relax yourself  in not too crowded  beaches where you can enjoy the fresh  Ocean breeze or taste a freshly caught fish.


There is no particular risk to travel to this country. In the complicated historical moment we are living,  Morocco is a country that can be defined as safe as Italy. The many international events organized in Morocco demonstrate its safety : see for example the  Marrakesh Cinema Festival, or the  several internationally renowned auto / motorcycle rallies (Panafrica Rally,Afriquia Merzouga Rally, Maroc Rally…)  that could be cancelled it were not such, since they take place in large and extended spaces impossible to control.

Festival del Cinema di Marrakesh
Afriquia Merzouga rally
Maroc Rally